Graham E-Z-GO is the first and oldest company servicing golf cars in the Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas. Graham E-Z-GO was established in 1968, when golf was just beginning to take shape in the community. Since then the company has seen the incredible growth in the industry and area, and the company has been able to develop a keen sense of what the customers need and want.

Since the beginning Graham E-Z-GO has been selling and servicing golf cars for the commercial market, selling new and used fleet vehicles to golf courses, offering new and reconditioned used cars and specialty vehicles that range from golf course maintenance trucks to multiple passenger cars to Hunter friendly trucks. These cars are also sold to businesses and individuals.

Customer service is the number one strength of Graham E-Z-GO. Many of the employees and service technicians have up to 30 years experience with this company servicing and maintaining golf cars. They have a vast knowledge of the industry and understand the importance of customer service, which makes the company a success and guarantees the customers are happy.

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Service and/or repairs may be performed on-site or at the service center located in Myrtle Beach.


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